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Affiliate Promotion Tips

9. Don't Spam! ...don't even think about it!
The affiliate program provider will drop you and you'll lose all your commissions! We're successful affiliate marketers and we've NEVER SENT SPAM (..or ever will)

10. Choose 2-Tiered Affiliate Programs Where Possible
Visit Our "Getting Started" Section and learn more about the different types of programs.

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Tips For Success.....

How To Effectively Use Affiliate Programs

Top 10 Common Sense Affiliate Tips:

1. No Traffic = No Clicks = No Sales = No $$$
It's a simple fact...if your website has no visitors or traffic you
won't make money with affiliate programs, period! On page 2
we'll share some of our hard earned lessons how to increase visitors to your site as well as a couple of secret tricks to increase your sales. On page 3 we'll share our idea's on what to look for from an affiliate program

2. Use Affiliate Programs That Are Relevant to Your Website
If, for example, your site has sports related content...a relevant affiliate program would sell sports gear....Visit Our Affiliate Directory For A List Of Reviewed Programs

3. Text Links Have A Higher CTR (click thru rate) Than Banner Ads
These work best if included with-in a testimonial. For example,".... I have found the books at
Affiliate-Book-Store-Link.com are the cheapest ..."

4. If Your Website Has An International Audience Join International Programs
If you're looking for European Programs visit our affiliate directory

5. Read The Affiliate Agreements
Trust us....this is a must. You may never get paid if you don't follow their guidelines.

6. Don't Choose A Program Solely Because They Pay The Highest Commissions
Look at the affiliate program you're about to join...ask yourself this simple question: would you buy from the website?...if yes, then join the program. You may find a website selling a similar product and paying a higher affiliate commission, however, the site looks like an amateur developed site. A higher % commission on $0 is $0 :)

7. Track Your Results
Self explanatory, how else will you know if the affiliate program is producing for you. Check your stats on a regular basis. It's our rule of thumb that it takes between 50 to 100 click thrus to generate a sale. Test programs until you find the right one for your website.

8. Use Your E-mail List or Newsletter
Don't forget to add a paid affiliate advertisement link at the end of your e-mails. Hotmail.com grew it's members by simply advertising their service at the bottom of every "hotmail" sent. This is known as viral marketing.

Affiliate program Tips

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