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An Introduction To Affiliate Programs
By Brian Prendergast, Founder of :

In this section we'll explain the different types of affiliate programs
and describe how these programs actually work.

First of all, to become an affiliate, the majority of the program
providers require you have an existing website. If you're an Internet
novice, don't worry, we're delighted to recommend our friends over at . Fast becoming the "go to" site for anyone looking
to start a website and learn the basics. is a great way to
take your first step on the web.

Types of Affiliate Programs

There are 3 types of Affiliate Programs.

1. Single Tier Program. These programs simply pay a flat commission or % of sale for every order referred by your website.

* Single tier programs are offered by either, an individual website or by an Affiliate Program Manager/Provider. An affiliate program provider is a company that manages the affiliate programs of many different and diverse eCommerce companies. We recommend, as a first step, bookmark this site then join our three personal favorite fellow affiliate program providers listed here:

2. Affiliate Window
3. Linkshare

Then Check our A to Z Recommended Affiliate Directory

2. Two Tier Programs. These programs are becoming more popular with progressive eCommerce companies. Similar to a single tier program, they pay for every referred order. However, not only do these companies want you to advertise their product they also want you to recruit affiliates.

In return for getting webmasters to join their affiliate program they will pay a % or commission on every sale the referred affiliate generates. See example graphic >>>

-- A to Z Recommended Affiliate Directory

2 Tier Affiliate Programs

3. Multi Tier Programs.
Similar to two tiered programs except they pay several layers deep (multiple tiers). This type of affiliate program is multi-level marketing for the Internet. While not as popular as two tier programs we are seeing more and more of these programs on the Internet everyday.

-- A to Z Recommended Affiliate Directory

If your website has a worldwide audience...join international affiliate programs to maximize your profit potential.
Check our affiliate directory

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