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Tips For Success.......
How To Effectively Use Affiliate Programs
By Brian, Founder of AffiliateMember.com

It's a simple fact, you need a constant stream of visitors to your
website to be a successful affiliate marketer. We have found, if used
correctly, search engines can supply the traffic you need. We've now
included information on "Pay-Per-Click" Search Engines (see below)

As a first step you should analysis the affiliate program you're looking to
promote and write down every keyword related to that product or service.
Include these keywords in your page title and the body text. We use and
recommend Word Tracker. This invaluable, easy to use, automated software tool has helped us analysis, optimize and submit our websites to the search engines.

Another excellent resource is SearchEngineWatch.com - this FREE site will keep you up to date on the search engines.....if you understand how search engines index pages you'll have the knowledge to optimize your website to achieve high

Pay Per Click Search Engines Explained:
PPC is a performance based marketing program. When you search Google or AOL, for example, you'll see sponsored links mixed in with the search results returned....these are "Pay-Per-Click" ads.

Here's How PPC SE's Work...
1. Advertisers "Bid" on keywords relevant to their business.
2. The "search results" are delivered in the order of highest to lowest bid.
3. Advertisers are charged the "bided amount" when a user clicks through.

We've found this to be an excellent way to affordably drive traffic to your site.
Here's an example how .....

Pay $0.10 per targeted visitor. As a rule of thumb, it takes 100 clicks to make a sale.

100 Visitors Cost $10.00 - One Sale Generates $50 commission - Net Profit $40

These can be really effective if your selling a high ticket item with big commissions.

Top 5 Recommended PPC / Keyword Search Engine Providers:
1. Google.com (adwords)
2. Overture.com (formally GoTo.com)
3. FindWhat.com
4. Sprinks.com
5. Ah-ha.com

Finally...If you're looking to take your affiliate marketing to the next level we
recommend you read Rosalind Gardner's excellent and informative eBook.

This is easily the best affiliate handbook available on the Internet and
everyone here at Affiliate Member .com agree it's a excellent $47 investment!

Click Here For Rosalind's Home Page

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