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What to look for in an affiliate program
By Brian Prendergast, Founder of Affiliate Member .com

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When choosing an affiliate program look for:

Excellent products.
So that you can take pride in your affiliate business.

Products many people need right NOW.
You'll sell a lot of copies.

Excellent value for money.
That makes you feel good and increases sales.

A fair commission.
This is a business, not a hobby. So you're paid well for your efforts.

A website that SELLS.
You won't want to waste time and energy on merchants who don't know how to sell.

A fair affiliate agreement.
No nasty surprises in the small print.

Top-notch coaching of affiliates.
You receive solid, original information and training - tips that work - from an expert who has the sense to know that helping his affiliates helps his business, too.

Traffic-building tools
Every website owner wants more visitors. Read any traffic building tips, but under no circumstances stoop down to Spam techniques.

Lifetime customers.
You are paid for EVERY purchase the customer makes, not just the first one.

A steady stream of excellent new products.
This increases your opportunities to make sales.

A two-tier commission.
You can build your own team and receive a commission from THEIR sales.

Limited number of affiliates.
You don't want every Tom, Dick and Harriette on the Net to be competing with you. A good program will limit the number of affiliates so those who recognise a great opportunity and get in before the cut-off will reap the rewards while ditherers will miss out.

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